Welcome to the Cobot demo space!

Its purpose is to give you an impression of how Cobot looks and feels when containing a space's members and data.

What is this field?

This is your home page text: the first thing coworkers will see when visiting your Cobot site. You can customize it using Markdown, which lets you add formatting, links, and images. You can find these settings under Setup -> Customization -> Logo & Homepage.

Use this field to tell your story, highlight what makes your space special, and add some color. If you have no time to make a website for your coworking space right now, use your Cobot space's homepage to tell the world what your plan is and capture potential coworkers.

What about the Cobot logo and that colorful banner?

Cobot provides a neutral framework to which you can add your own brand image, without having to worry about code and servers. You can add the logo and banner of your choice by uploading files from your computer.

Click Update Space to save any changes you make, or The Preview Home Page link to see what the people visiting your site will see.

Plans & Pricing

All prices excluding value added tax (MwSt.)